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Through the Looking Glass

The greatest novels seem to have one thing in common: they take us through the looking glass. That is, these books tell stories within stories, taking us down the rabbit hole of a conversation, a dream, an historical event, a philosophical diatribe, a parallel universe. This demands loyalty and sometimes blind faith from the reader.  […]

Tales of Desire

Tales of Desire is a great read for sleazy Thursdays. This collection was published by New Directions. Below is the forward written by Gore Vidal: “Tennessee’s stories need no explication. So here they are. Some are marvelous- “Desire and the Black Masseur”; some are wonderfully crazed-“The Killer Chicken,” “The Mysteries of The Joy Rio.” So […]

Excerpts: Conversations with Jorge Luis Borges

Richard Burgin conducted a series of interviews between 1964 and 1984 with Jorge Luis Borges. Below are candid thoughts from a wonderful thinker: “I began thinking of the injustice or rather how illogical it was for Christians, let’s say, to believe in the immortal soul, and at the same time to believe that what we […]

The Yellow Book

The Yellow Book was a fashionable quarterly magazine published from 1894 to 1897. It was created in part to challenge the traditional values of the Victorian era. Through artistic experimentation, emphasis on wit, and, most importantly, the exploitation of morals, The Yellow Book was, and forever will be, an artful publication made for the sake […]